• Tom Lycos and Stefo Nantsou


    Translation: Maja Oršić Magdić
    Director: Ivica Šimić
    Stage design:  Dinka Jeričević
    Costume design:  Hana Letica
    Light design: Željka Fabijanić Šaravanja
    Music Ivanka Mazurkijević i Stanislav Kovačić
    Producer: Vitomira Lončar
    Assistent to producer: Marijana Martelock

    Cast: Marko Hergešić i Filip Lozić / Petar Atanasoski

    Stones has been produced numerous times and has become a worldwide success, due to its contemporary theme; interesting and nail-biting story that is presented as if it were a crime-investigation-movie; social responsibility and a contemporary concept that is based on a contemporary view on the role of theatre in a life of a modern child.  

    Vandalism is a big problem in the contemporary society and whether a young adult who is still a minor is to be held responsible for his/her actions is an often discussed theme. By giving the audience to vote after the show on whether they would condemn or release the main characters in the story, the audience is prompt to think, engage and analyse the actions the characters take and their consequences,  and subsequently, reflect on their own behaviour. 

    Based on an excellent performance given by the actors, talking about a contemporary theme, treating the subject with understanding and empathy - all of these elements made this show a true hit!

    The show is intended for young adults, 10+

    Duration: 50 minutes

    Ticket price: 40 kn, 35 kn for groups of min. 20 people.