In the beginning of the year 1986 Vitomira Loncar, Zvjezdana Ladika and I, Ivica Simic, had an idea to open are own theatre.


Today, when there are thousands of performed shows behind us, dozens of rewards and recognitions, and when we are looking forward to a 20 year anniversary of the official opening of the theatre, we can freely say - we did it. The first independent show - "Pricalo i Malena" ("Blumen der Phantasie" - "Storyman and Tina") was performed in Munich in April of 1987 in German language. We worked together with Zvjezdana Ladika on the show, and right after the tour in Germany, Roman Suskovic Stipanovic also joined us. It was the beginning of Mala Scena, which we registered as a theatre in 1988. In the same year we rented a space of local community on Medvescak, adapted it and found are home. We officially opened the theatre on December 6th 1989, and the first show - "Prava stvar" ("The Real Thing") by Tom Stoppard premiered on December 9th.

The first several years we had the privilege to work with a distinguished professor, Vlado Habenek who gave us a special boost with his direction of two shows: "Dvostruka nevjera" (Double Infidelity) in 1990 and "Lettice & Lovage" in 1992. Mala Scena has maintained three programs for many years: "Vecernja scena" (The evening scene), "Djecja scena" (The Children's Scene) and "Dramski studio" ("Drama studio"). But during the war, and especially after 1993 and my participation in a director's seminar in Esslingen, Germany, where I had met the most significant artist in the world of theatre for children and the young in Europe, Mala Scena turns more attention to working for children and young people. Since then, Mala Scena has developed a strong international activity, which resulted in many performances abroad, but also in organization of international meetings in Croatia such as "Days of Dutch Theatre for Children and Young People 1996" and festival "Mlijecni zub" (Milk tooth) from 1998 to 2004.

With time, we have formed a wide circle of friends abroad, which is reflected in the theatre's repertoire. At this point I would like to mention "Speeltheater Holland" - Saskia Janse, Onny Huisink and Kootje Krüse gave the Mala Scena Theatre in a Bus.

Recently, we are very proud of our show for the youngest, "Padobranci ili o umjetnosti padanja" (PARACHUTISTS OR ON THE ART OF FALLING). Soon after the premiere on festival Visioni di futuro, visioni di teatro in Bologna, March 7th 2006, the show became a world wide hit in theatres for the youngest, and has been on a whole series of international festivals and became an authentic Croatian cultural product. This show strengthened the position of Mala Scena on the world's map of theatre for children and young people significantly paved our future direction. We have many plans for further development and we hope that with the help of our faithful audience, which grows with each passing season, will be able to accomplish them.

Ivica Simic
Artistic Director