for young

for young


  • Hooligan

    Marina Pejnović, Paško Vukasović and Matija Šakoronja


    Hooligan, Zrks, is in a correctional facility for minors. He tells his story, without holding back, completely raw and honest. All the stupid stuff he did, noble ones too, burglaries and fights he took part in. He has been in the facility for the past 6 months. He talks about the soccer fandom and its subculture, teenager problems, first love and school. He is actually happy to greet and meet you, although it might not look like it. This not just a theatre performance, this is a true story of a teenager, soccer fan, pupil and a friend.


    Premiere: March 8, 2019


  • Pudgy

    Silvija Šesto


    Pudgy is a Croatian Bridget Jones for teenagers! This is a great story about a typical teenage girl and her everyday life; about love, friendship, troubles with school, appearance and old folks.


    Based on one of the most popular young adult novels among teenagers written by a multi-awarded Croatian author - Silvija Šesto. 

  • Stones

    Tom Lycos and Stefo Nantsou


    "The Stones" is dramatized true story about two boys who, by throwing stones from a bridge on a highway, killed the driver in the car. Written as a play for two actors who each play two roles - a teenage boy and a detective - and follows the course of events from the two ponits of view: boys and policemen who seek them.

    Premiere: 13 February 2011