• Ivica Šimić
    Parachutists or On the Art of Falling


    Directed by
    Ivica Šimić
    Choreographed by
    Larisa Lipovac and Damir Klemenić
    Costumes by
    Hana Letica
    Original music composed by
    Alen Kraljić
    Dramaturgy by
    Nana Šojlev

    Performed by
    Larisa Lipovac / Kristina Bajza Marčinko
    Damir Klemenić / Tomislav Krstanović

    Dressed as parachutists, performers act from a perspective of those already aware of human flying abilities or, metaphorically speaking, the ability to overcome difficulties and face a life containing injuries and hardships, but also friends who are ready to pull us out of trouble...

    Indeed, a crucial feature of the play is its unpretentiousness and unusual degree of communication with the audience. On the other hand, its subconsciously sent or sensed messages are far above pure childish play...

    PARACHUTISTS OR ON THE ART OF FALLING opens up space for both the actors/dancers and the audience to play with the subject of flying and falling. Investigating the subject of gravity, the play talks of human desires and disillusions, of dreams and wishes, of rises and falls, of encounters and farewells... of life.

    Premiere Bologna 8/3/2006

    Performance is based on movements and dance
    It is for children of 3 and more years
    Duration 40 minutes
    Minimum required space - 6×6 m; minimum required height 4 m.


    • Visioni di futuro, visioni di teatro, Bologna, Italy, March 1-12, 2006
    • Ruutia! Helsinki, Finland, May 2006
    • Zolotaya Repka, Samara, Russia, September 8-11, 2006
    • szene bunte wähne, Horn, Krems, Zwettl, Austria; Jindrichuv Hradec, Czech Republik, September 21-30, 2006
    • Croatian ASSITEJ Festival, Cakovec, Croatia, October 15, 2006
    • ATINA festival, Buenos Aires, Argentina, October 16-22, 2006
    • "Internationale Theaterwochen für Klein - und Kleinstkinder 07"; Trotsberg, Bad Ischl, Salzburg, Saalfelden, Braunau, Villach - Austria; January 19-31, 2007
    • Theater Kopergietery, Ghent, Belgium, March 18-21, 2007
    • TRAFFO, Luxembourg, March 22-25, 2007
    • Spring Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark, April 25-29, 2007
    • Sticky Fingers, Newry, Northern Ireland, May 17-24, 2007
    • International Children's Festival, Sibenik, Croatia, 28th June, 2007
    • Osijek Summer of Culture, Osijek, Croatia, 2nd July 2007
    • Golden Lion International Festival, Umag, Croatia, 15th July, 2007
    • Kijimuna fest Okinawa, Japan, July 26-28, 2007
    • Spleen festival, Graz, Austria, February 10-12, 2008
    • Cairo Int'l Forum for Children Theatre, Kairo, Egypt, February 25-27, 2008
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    • Teatralia, Madrid, Spain, March 8-16, 2008
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    • Tokyo, Gifu, Osaka, Okinawa - Japan, August 2009
    • Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia, October 2009